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Annabel Karmel Little Tasters Spaghetti Bolognese Balls | Chewsday Review

Annabel Karmel is very popular for her range of ready-made meals and products. For busy parents, convenience is important and for many, worth the extra cost. Let’s see if these Little Tasters Spaghetti Bolognese Balls are worth your cash!


Nestlé Cerelac Oats & Wheat with Prune | Chewsday Review

There are lots of baby cereals on the market but until recently we haven’t had many iron fortified options, other than rice cereal. Baby cereal can be confusing and divisive – but I think it’s a handy option to have. Today I am reviewing the Nestlé Cerelac Oats & Wheat with Prune (6 mo+).

Only Organic Pasta Bolognese

Only Organic Pasta Bolognese | Chewsday Review

I’m back with another Chewsday Review, and this week I’m following on from the pasta theme from last month. Today I’m taking a closer look at Only Organic Pasta Bolognese, which is a shelf-stable, “fork mash” textured, baby food, so let’s see if it deserves to be on your pantry shelf…


Baby Bellies Organic Veggie Bowl – Pea and Carrot | Chewsday Review

I’m back in the baby aisle this week, but it’s not a squeezie pouch. Novel hey? Baby Bellies have just released a range of fruit-free ‘goodie bowls’ to offer your baby on a spoon. Let’s see how they stack up in today’s Chewsday Review.


CUB Organic Plant Based Sweet Potato, Beetroot & Carrot with a Pinch of Ginger | Chewsday Review

Back to the baby aisle this week as I’ve been requested to review the CUB Organic Plant Based Puree range found at Coles. Today’s review features the Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Carrot with a Pinch of Ginger Puree.

If you have read my past Chewsday Reviews on squeezie pouches, you’ll know they aren’t my favourite thing… BUT they can absolutely have a time and place, so how do these ones stack up?


Rafferty’s Garden Pear and Superberries puree | Chewsday Review

We’re back in the baby food aisle this week, looking at ‘super’ puree options. Today’s Chewsday Review features Rafferty’s Garden Pear and Superberries puree.


Baby Bellies Organic Strawberry Pick Up Sticks | Chewsday Review

These Baby Bellies Pick Up Sticks have been talked about a lot amongst our Baby Mealtimes members – convenient, tasty AND organic! But how do their ingredients stack up? Today’s Chewsday Review reveals all.


Baby Bellies Organic Apple Strawberry Smoothie Bowls | Chewsday Review

Smoothie bowls are so trendy right now – even baby food companies are jumping on the bandwagon! Let’s have a look at what Baby Bellies are putting into theirs…


Heinz baby food jar lamb, pumpkin and sweet potato | Chewsday Review

As you walk down the baby aisle at the supermarket, you probably have more questions than you do direction. ‘Is it okay for my baby to eat this food?’, ‘Should I get baby food jars or pouches?’ Today’s Chewsday Review features a famous baby food brand – Heinz (in a jar) – lamb, pumpkin and sweet potato. Let’s take a closer look…

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