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CR Edgell Snack Time Chickpeas

Edgell Snack Time tins | Chewsday Review

It can be so hard to find nutritious protein foods for kids who struggle with meats. Tinned or cooked beans are great replacements, but sometimes they can be a little bland. Baked beans are great, but they tend to be pretty salty. Edgell have just released a range of small cans of flavoured beans. We tried them this week and today’s Chewsday Review features Chick Peas with Zesty Vinaigrette.


Peppercorn Extra Lean Beef Sausages | Chewsday Review

I went to buy the Woolworths sausages with added veggies this week but they were all sold out. Perhaps I’m becoming an influencer for sausage purchases?? Anyway, I had a look at the other sausages available and decided we needed another option. Today’s Chewsday Review features Peppercorns Lean Beef Sausages.


Birds Eye Fish Fingers | Chewsday Review

So last week’s fish fingers are no longer available. But maybe these Birds Eye Fish Fingers are okay? They’re not fish shaped but let’s see how they go in today’s Chewsday Review…


Jamie Oliver’s Brilliant Fish Fillet Fingers | Chewsday Review

Lots of requests for today’s Chewsday Review, so there must be loads of kids out there who love a good fish finger! Today’s version is by the legendary Jamie Oliver. I’m a huge fan, not only of his delicious food and recipes, but also of his commitment to improving childhood nutrition worldwide. Does this include his ‘Brilliant Fish Fillet Fingers’ though?


Steggles Chicken Dino Snacks (tempura) | Chewsday Review

In this review I’m talking chicken nuggets again, because so many of you want to know more. These nuggets are shaped like dinosaurs, and eternally popular with lots of my clients. Without further ado, I talk Steggles Chicken Dinosaur Snacks (tempura)

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