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Kraft Mac and Cheese (1)

Kraft Mac and Cheese | Chewsday Review

An American turned Aussie staple family dish; quick, fun and loved by all. But is the packet stuff an ok option to include regularly? This week I dive into Kraft Mac and Cheese to decide whether it’s worth adding to your quick grab mealtime options.


Vetta Smart Fibre Penne Pasta | Chewsday Review

This week I’m back again with another pasta review. I’m taking a closer look at Vetta Smart Fibre Penne, to see what makes pasta “smart”.


Rana Pumpkin & Roasted Onion Ravioli | Chewsday Review

Today we’re reviewing Rana’s Pumpkin & Roasted Onion Ravioli to see how generous they are when it comes to nutrition. Rana’s tagline is “Live Life Generously,” so I hope this is true when it comes to the pumpkin and onion filling, and not the salt content…


Annabel Karmel’s Little Tasters | Chewsday Review

This week’s review is of a brand new product range to hit shelves – Annabel Karmel’s Little Tasters. These are marketed as a range of healthy snacks (with vegetables!) that are perfect for self-feeding, but just how do they stack up in the nutrition department?


Sacla ‘Free From’ Basil Pesto | Chewsday Review

Here’s one for all my gluten free and dairy free bubs! There’s a new pesto on the market which uses tofu instead of cheese – but is this ingenious or just a fad? Find out in today’s Chewsday Review.


McCain’s Sweet Potato Straight Cut Chips | Chewsday Review

These aren’t your average bag of potato chips. These are sweet potato chips! But does orange signify better? Let’s see how they compare to regular potato chips in today’s Chewsday Review…🍠🍟vs 🥔🍟


Copy of Ready Meals Template | Chewsday Review

Each week in my memberships (Baby Mealtimes and Toddler Mealtimes) we have a ‘challenge’ food to offer our kids. It’s all about inspo and variety. Last week we had pulse pasta and lots of people had seen it but weren’t sure if it was any good. Here’s my thoughts on Barilla Chickpea Casarecce for this week’s Chewsday Review.


Maggi 2 Minute Noodles | Chewsday Review

I’m doing some ‘hot topic’ Chewsday Reviews at the moment! Today’s review features Maggi 2 minute noodles. This is the wholegrain version, because that’s the one I buy. But I must confess, I’ve never actually looked at the nutrition info!


Annabel Karmel Macaroni Cheese | Chewsday Review

It seems you all want to know about specific Annabel Karmel meals! In response to your responses, I’ve decided to break down some other meals within the toddler-targeted frozen range. Today we’ll dive into the macaroni cheese – a classic comfort food. But are we comfortable with the meal’s nutritional value? Keep reading to find out!

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