Savoury Biscuits


The Natural Chip Co Veggie Ring Cheese Snacks | Chewsday Review

Oh look, another snack food claiming to be a vegetable… And the company is called Natural Chip Co- these must be better right? What do you think? Spoiler alert- my hopes are not high. Today’s Chewsday Review features The Natural Chip Co Veggie Ring Cheese Snacks.


Abe’s Bagel Crisps with Vegemite | Chewsday Review

Bagel crisps with a classic like Vegemite, what’s more to love? (At least it’s not in chocolate this time, right?) I don’t know about you but “bagel crisps” sounds so much more fancier than “potato chips”. Well, today we will see whether they really belong as a bagel or if they’re just another chip.


Little Quacker Rice Biscuit | Chewsday Review

Today’s review is of Little Quacker Rice Biscuits- strawberry flavour. Props to Little Quacker for the name and the duck logo (although speech pathologist might be eye rolling at the deliberate mispronunciation!)


Cruskits Original | Chewsday Review

An all time favourite-Cruskits! So how do these savoury crisp breads stack up? And are they any better than some of the other savoury biscuits I’ve reviewed lately?!


Country Cheese Crackers | Chewsday Review

Today’s Chewsday Review features a reader’s request. Arnott’s Country Cheese Crackers are a kiddie favourite, and surely they’re just a plain, old savoury biscuit? Let’s see!


Peckish Brown Rice Crackers | Chewsday Review

This Chewsday Review is product I get asked about all the time, and fits perfectly into my recent ‘cracker’ theme. Presenting… Peckish Brown Rice Crackers- Plain & Simple (no salt) variety. So, how do these crackers stack up against the millions of others out there? Let’s see!

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