Savoury Snacks

Bega Stringer's Original

Bega Stringers Original | Chewsday Review

Fun and Stringy- what else could you ask for in a cheese? Let’s see if it’s any good…

CR Temole Avocado Chips Tomato Salsa

Temole Avocado Chips Tomato Salsa | Chewsday Review

Another review of a chippie pretending to be a vegetable! I’ve done potato chips, lentil chips, mushroom chips, corn chips and more, but so far very few have stacked up. Surely the mighty avo will conquer all and give us a worthy ‘healthy’ chip alternative? Spoiler: it doesn’t.


Ceres Organic Chickpea Crisps | Chewsday Review

Ahh.. another day, another healthy ‘chip’ option. Organic! Made from chickpeas! With Himalayan salt! These must be better than normal chips, right? Spoiler: They probably contain less chickpeas than you think. Find out more in today’s Chewsday Review.


Macro Lentil Bites | Chewsday Review

This week’s Chewsday Review comes from a reader request – Woolworths Macro Lentil Bites in Pumped up Pumpkin. Now I can’t imagine someone getting too ‘pumped up’ over a lentil bite, but a healthy chip alternative made with veggies? Sounds too good to be true! Let’s take a closer look.


Mum-mum Pea Snacks Original | Chewsday Review

The number of baby puff snacks just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Mum-mum Pea Snacks offer 2g of protein and over 20 million probiotics per serve, but should they be a pantry staple? Read on to find out.


Green’s Savoury Muffin Mix | Chewsday Review

Savoury muffins are a delicious and healthy savoury snack… Or are they? This Green’s Savoury Muffin Mix is fairly new to the supermarket, and I just had to take a closer look.


DJ&A Shiitake Mushroom Crisps | Chewsday Review

Here’s two foods I didn’t think you could put together – but apparently mushrooms + crisps make the perfect salty snack. I’ve been asked to review these new DJ&A Shitake Mushroom Crisps by some members in my Facebook group, and I’m here to deliver! Check out my latest Chewsday review to get the lowdown.


Parker’s Pretzels | Chewsday Review

An adult favourite snack at every party I’ve ever been to, pretzels might make you thirsty but what about your toddler? Let’s take a look in today’s Chewsday Review…


Uncle Tobys LeSnak Tasty Cheese | Chewsday Review

Uncle Tobys LeSnak has been a lunchbox staple for years. It says tasty cheese dip and crackers, but let’s take a closer look in today’s Chewsday Review to see how it really stacks up in the nutrition department…

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