CR Yoplait Yop Mini

Yoplait Yop Mini Go Kids Yoghurt Drink – Banana & Honey | Chewsday Review

This week’s Chewsday review features another yoghurt product marketed specially for kids. Yoplait’s new Yop Smoothies claim to contain real fruit and nothing artificial, but just how much banana goes into one of these smoothies (hint: it’s probably less than you think!). Read on to find out…

Chobani Oat Yogurt Natural

Chobani Oat Yogurt Natural | Chewsday Review

The yoghurt companies have been busy these last few weeks with two new calcium fortified, dairy-free yoghurts hitting our shelves. Chobani Oat Yogurt Natural is one of them and I am excited! Read on to find out why…
Special shoutout to all you dairy and soy free parents. This one’s for you.

Vitasoy Greek Style Yoghurt (Soy)

Vitasoy Greek Style Soy Yogurt Plain | Chewsday Review

There is such a gap in the market for dairy-free yoghurts with added calcium, and for some reason we just haven’t had any new yoghurts in this space… But dairy-free bubs rejoice, I present to you: Vitasoy Greek Style Soy Yogurt Plain! I haven’t kept quiet about my excitement for this product, so read on to find out why.
Ps. Dairy and soy free parents- I see you (and stay tuned for next week!)


Yoplait Mixed Berry Individual Tubs | Chewsday Review

Greek yoghurt is one of my personal go-to snacks, but I’m not loyal to one particular brand. I found one of these Yoplait’s in my fridge just this week. How timely! So, today I bring you a Chewsday review on these Yoplait mixed berry individual tubs.


Dairy Dream Kids No Added Sugar Yogurt | Chewsday Review

Today’s Chewsday review features an Aldi yoghurt, because it seems lots of you shop at Aldi! When I went in to look at them, I also walked out with a range of other snack foods. Looks like I might pop in more regularly than Special Buy Wednesdays! This is the Dairy Dream Kids No Added Sugar Yogurt in Strawberry.


Chobani Gimmies yoghurt | Chewsday Review

Another week, another new yoghurt targeted specifically at kids. This time Chobani have released a yoghurt in a tub with ’sprinkles’. The range includes popping candy, fairy bread and choc chunk cookie dunk. They sound like ice cream flavours, so let’s see how they compare to those and other yoghurts in today’s Chewsday Challenge.


Messy Monkeys Yoghurt Drink | Chewsday Review

Messy Monkeys are EVERYWHERE at the moment. They’ve got a new yoghurt drink available on the shelves, so let’s see whether it gets a Chewsday tick of approval!


YoPro Dairy Free Yoghurt | Chewsday Review

As this seems to be a hot topic at the moment, I have one more yoghurt review for you. Then I promise to mix it up again! We’ve compared the So Delicious Almond, and Alpro soy yoghurts, so let’s take a look at another popular plant-based alternative: YoPro’s Dairy Free Yoghurt. The brand’s dairy line is very popular, and for good reason. But does their dairy free option stack up?


Alpro Dairy Free Yoghurt (Soy) | Chewsday Review

I know there has been a lot of desperation out there due to the discontinuation of the popular Soy Life Yoghurt. I hear you. So please, drum roll for… Alpro Dairy Free Yoghurt! Also soy-based, could this be your new staple? Keep reading to find out.

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