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CR Pediasure

Pediasure | Chewsday Review

  • Recently I’ve seen Pediasure powder being advertised EVERYWHERE. Pediasure is a medical nutrition supplement, and I feel very uncomfortable seeing it marketed to parents on TV or by influencers on social media. As a paediatric dietitian I have prescribed Pediasure and other nutrition supplement drinks for patients in the past, but these have been for cases of malnutrition, medical conditions, disability, EXTREME fussy eating and tube feeding.
  • The Pediasure ads play on parents' fears of their child not getting “enough” and they make bold statements about Pediasure being a magical tool for improving appetite. Quick spoiler, there are big issues with these claims.
  • This week’s Chewsday Review is a little different (and a little longer than normal), but if you’ve ever considered buying a supplement drink for your child please read on.
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