School Mealtimes aims to create safe and empowering school food environments that help school-aged children to become confident, adventurous eaters.

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School Mealtimes Introduction

It can feel really uncomfortable to send your child off to school, only for them to come home with some new and worrying beliefs about food. If you're concerned about what your child is telling you about mealtimes at school, please use the steps below to advocate for positive change.

Parents, teachers and schools can all work together to improve the food environments our children are growing up in. 

School Mealtimes Summary

We all want what's best for our children. You are the best advocate for your child and we're here to support you to create positive change in your school.

Start by speaking to your classroom teacher about your concerns and consider discussing unresolved issues with your school principal.

Mealtimes Join the Family

We're here to help you support your child to grow into a confident and adventurous eater who feels good about their body.

For 1 - 4 year olds

4 years Plus


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