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For Health Professionals Support the movement to help our kids become confident, adventurous eaters

Health professionals are aware that this generation of children are growing up in a time of extreme diet culture, body dissatisfaction and disordered eating. We see the impacts every day in our clinics, and hear stories from children and parents that concern us. There is a need for schools to create safe and empowering food environments in schools, and Health Professionals can help. But many of us struggle to find time for activities that are not part of our core business, and the problems seem a bit big for any of us to tackle on our own. 

So let’s do it together. 

Our goal is to support parents and teachers to advocate for positive change in their own schools, while amplifying the work of existing programs. Working together, there are lots of ways we can support children to become confident, adventurous eaters.

Where to start? 

We invite you to read and co-sign the open letter to schools to add your name to the growing list of professionals asking for positive and evidence-based change.

You can also access our Evidence Summary to support your clients with requests for change in their schools.

Mealtimes What is happening?

School and Family Mealtimes are online services that aim to support school-aged children to become confident, adventurous eaters. Within the Family Mealtimes membership, parents are empowered to create positive mealtime experiences for the whole family at home. At the same time, School Mealtimes aims to change school policy and support teachers to create safe and empowering school food environments.