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Welcome to Mealtimes with Dr Kyla!

In this podcast, I'll be talking about food and feeding kids, chatting to experts in other fields to find out their challenges with feeding their kids, and we’ll dive into some interesting topics on the side that might just change your life!


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1. Dr Kyla on a Platter

Welcome to Mealtimes with Dr Kyla! In this podcast, we will explore and talk more about food and feeding kids, I’ll talk to experts in other fields to find out their challenges with feeding kids, and we’ll dive into some interesting topics on the side that might just change your life!

Kyla and Mandy

2. Confident parenting

Welcome to my very first interview episode! I’m chatting to Toddler Development Specialist and my colleague and very good friend, Mandy from Raise Toddlers.

Gina and Kyla

3. What dietitians used to think about food

This week, I’m chatting to Gina, the lead Paediatric Dietitian at Toddler Mealtimes! We’re discussing our journeys through diet culture and uncovering some old (and slightly cringey) beliefs we had about food and bodies that were developed as teenagers and university students.


4. Reflecting on 2023/2024

Join me as I reflect on the past year by asking myself three questions: What happened this year? What did I learn from it? What do I want for next year? In this episode, I unpack what went down in 2023, the golden nuggets of wisdom I’ve gathered along the way, and the exciting things I’m bringing into 2024. Happy New Year!

Kyla and Nicole

5. When mealtimes don’t go as expected

This week, my friend and colleague Nicole Pates Kids Physio joins us for an honest and vulnerable chat where we openly discuss the challenges around family meals, handling the transition into being a working parent, and the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect parents.


6. Parenting through Gooch Week

Gooch week. The week between Christmas and New Year where you find yourself asking “What day is it again?” and everybody just wants to relax. If this sounds familiar to you, join me to find out how we only just survived this week, how we’re transitioning back to routine, and what we’ll do differently next year. In the second half of this episode, I’ll chat about kids learning to like veggies and when your child is copying the fussy eating habits of their older sibling.

Kyla and Susie

7. Fussy to foodie

This week I’m chatting with Susie Prout, a lactation expert and old client of mine, as she shares her unique food experiences from South Africa to Bali. Discover the tastes and traditions of her childhood, what her current family mealtimes look like, and what foods her suitcases are full of when coming back from Australia!

Kyla and Jono

8. DIY dinners for the win

In this episode, we chat with Jono, an Online Dietitian and Nutritionist at Bite Me Nutrition. We dive into his memories of family meals, how he involves his kids in meal planning and preparation, and how he challenges nutrition misinformation and trends online. He shares insights on balancing nutritional knowledge with the practicalities of family life and we share our experiences of working in the social media space.

Kyla and Claire

9. Food freedom and ditching diets

This week we’re chatting with Claire Gasper, a non-diet Dietitian and Health at Every Size Provider based in Perth, WA. We explore the intentions behind including all types of food in your household, Claire’s professional pathway to becoming an eating disorder specialist aiming to guide her clients to feeling trust, freedom and liberation around food, and so much more!

Kyla and Sarah

10. Mum rage

This week, I’m chatting with Sarah Purvey, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Director of Eastern Shore Psychology where she supports parents to improve their mental health and manage the pressures that inevitably pop up during parenthood. We chat about all things mum rage like what triggers it, why it happens, and how we can manage those moments. Sarah shares some great techniques and tips in this episode, and reassures us that we aren’t alone!

Kyla and Charlene

11. Life post Gestational Diabetes

This week, I sat down with Accredited Practising Dietitian and Credentialed Diabetes Educator, Charlene Shoneye to discuss gestational diabetes. We chat about the misleading and sometimes harmful narratives around sugar, carbohydrates and diabetes, and Charlene shares some tips for reducing and managing your risk of developing diabetes. If you’re a parent who’s worried about feeding your child sugar, or you or someone you know has diabetes, this one’s for you!

Kyla and Mandy

12. Check on your friends with 3 year olds!

I’m back in the world of parenting with Mandy Richardson from Raise Toddlers. In this episode, we explore the daily challenges of raising a 3-year-old, from managing those tricky moments to understanding the messages behind our children’s reactions and behaviours. If you’re looking for ways to build stronger emotional connections or you’re just trying to figure out why your toddler insists on wearing 2 pairs of socks some mornings, this episode is packed with tips to help you through the whirlwind of toddlerhood.


13. So can my baby drink cow’s milk? The Recent Changes in WHO Guidelines

Back to Podcast Overview In this episode, Gina from Toddler Mealtimes joins me as we dive into the recent changes in the World Health Organization’s guidelines around cow’s milk in infancy. When the new recommendations were released, we did a little digging and what we found has left us with more questions than answers. Join…

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