3. What dietitians used to think about food

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Content warning: This episode contains discussions of disordered eating and the restriction of food consumption. **

Welcome back! This week, I’m chatting to Gina, the lead Paediatric Dietitian at Toddler Mealtimes. We’re discussing our journeys through diet culture and uncovering some old (and slightly cringey) beliefs we had about food and bodies that were developed as teenagers and university students.

Listen in and discover:

  • How Gina describes diet culture
  • Our old beliefs and views about food
  • Gina’s career path and how she came to be working with me
  • A challenging experience that triggered Gina’s awareness of food and bodies
  • Interesting experiences and stories from our student years
  • The turning points that Gina experienced at university and post-studies
  • How some concerns from parents are shaped by diet culture

Find Gina on Instagram at @ginajournet.dietitian.

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