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In this episode, we chat with Jono, an Online Dietitian and Nutritionist at Bite Me Nutrition. We dive into his memories of family meals, how he involves his kids in meal planning and preparation, and how he challenges nutrition misinformation and trends online. He shares insights on balancing nutritional knowledge with the practicalities of family life and we share our experiences of working in the social media space.

Listen in and discover:

  • Jono’s childhood memories around family meals and cooking
  • How Jono plans the weekly family meals with kids
  • Popular ‘build your own’ meals in his household
  • Finding a balance between raising our children and using our knowledge of nutrition
  • Involving kids in setting the table and preparing for family mealtimes
  • The challenges Jono comes across during his family mealtimes
  • Jono’s biggest pet peeves amongst the nutrition misinformation found online
  • Our shared experiences with working in the social media space
  • The strangest thing Jono has ever eaten!

Find Jono on Instagram @jonosteedman and @bitemenutrition, or become a client at www.bitemenutrition.com.au

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