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This week, I’m chatting with Sarah Purvey, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Director of Eastern Shore Psychology where she supports parents to improve their mental health and manage the pressures that inevitably pop up during parenthood. We chat about all things mum rage like what triggers it, why it happens, and how we can manage those moments. Sarah shares some great techniques and tips in this episode, and reassures us that we aren’t alone!

Listen in and discover:

  • The many reasons we can feel so angry in parenting
  • How our body releases a buildup of pressure through anger
  • The primal vs logical parts of your brain
  • Finding comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone
  • Breaking the generational cycles that are adding pressure to our lives
  • Techniques and tips to manage the buildup of pressure
  • Using the physiological sigh method to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Role modelling how to acknowledge your emotions
  • Finding support in group programs

Find Sarah at www.sarahpurveypsych.com, read more about Sarah’s online support program Your Sanctuary, or get in touch with Sarah’s clinic at Eastern Shore Psychology.

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