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This week I’m chatting with Susie Prout, a lactation expert and old client of mine, as she shares her unique food experiences from South Africa to Bali. Discover the tastes and traditions of her childhood, what her current family mealtimes look like, and what foods her suitcases are full of when coming back from Australia!

Listen in and discover:

  • Susie’s experience with food and family mealtimes growing up in South Africa
  • Some of the foods (popular and unpopular) served regularly in Susie’s childhood
  • What a typical family meal in Susie’s current household looks like
  • How Susie navigates food and meal planning while living in Bali
  • Which foods Susie’s suitcase is stocked up with after visiting Australia
  • How Susie’s family manage transportation around Bali
  • Susie’s experiences with having a live-in nanny
  • The weirdest thing Susie’s ever eaten

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