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Welcome to Mealtimes with Dr Kyla! In this podcast, we will explore and talk more about food and feeding kids, I’ll talk to experts in other fields to find out their challenges with feeding kids, and we’ll dive into some interesting topics on the side that might just change your life!

Welcome to my very first interview episode! I’m chatting to Toddler Development Specialist and my colleague and very good friend, Mandy from Raise Toddlers. We explore her own childhood memories around food and mealtimes before we deep dive into feeding children, confidence assurance parenting, and what these look like when used together.

Listen in to discover:

  • How Mandy and I connected
  • Mandy’s childhood mealtime experiences and memories
  • What family mealtimes in Mandy’s household look like
  • The current favourite meal in Mandy’s house
  • Mandy’s thoughts on meal planning
  • Particular foods that Mandy’s children will not eat
  • Temptations to serve ‘easy’ meals
  • The effectiveness of confident assurance parenting

Find Mandy on Instagram at Raise Toddlers or via her website at www.raisetoddlers.com.au. Explore Mandy’s offerings and membership programs here.

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