CR Yoplait Yop Mini

Yoplait Yop Mini Go Kids Yoghurt Drink – Banana & Honey | Chewsday Review

This week’s Chewsday review features another yoghurt product marketed specially for kids. Yoplait’s new Yop Smoothies claim to contain real fruit and nothing artificial, but just how much banana goes into one of these smoothies (hint: it’s probably less than you think!). Read on to find out…

Kraft Mac and Cheese (1)

Kraft Mac and Cheese | Chewsday Review

An American turned Aussie staple family dish; quick, fun and loved by all. But is the packet stuff an ok option to include regularly? This week I dive into Kraft Mac and Cheese to decide whether it’s worth adding to your quick grab mealtime options.

The Kids Shake

The Kids Shake | Chewsday Review

The breakfast powder that promises no more kicking, screaming, or bribing your kids to eat breakfast. Is this the magical food (or drink) we’ve been waiting for? Let’s find out if we can have our shake and drink it too. Brace yourself, it’s a long one…

Chobani Oat Yogurt Natural

Chobani Oat Yogurt Natural | Chewsday Review

The yoghurt companies have been busy these last few weeks with two new calcium fortified, dairy-free yoghurts hitting our shelves. Chobani Oat Yogurt Natural is one of them and I am excited! Read on to find out why…
Special shoutout to all you dairy and soy free parents. This one’s for you.

Vitasoy Greek Style Yoghurt (Soy)

Vitasoy Greek Style Soy Yogurt Plain | Chewsday Review

There is such a gap in the market for dairy-free yoghurts with added calcium, and for some reason we just haven’t had any new yoghurts in this space… But dairy-free bubs rejoice, I present to you: Vitasoy Greek Style Soy Yogurt Plain! I haven’t kept quiet about my excitement for this product, so read on to find out why.
Ps. Dairy and soy free parents- I see you (and stay tuned for next week!)

Bega Stringer's Original

Bega Stringers Original | Chewsday Review

Fun and Stringy- what else could you ask for in a cheese? Let’s see if it’s any good…

Golden Days Apricot and Coconut Slice

Golden Days Apricot Coconut Slice | Chewsday Review

Another self-proclaimed “great lunchbox snack!” Golden Days Apricot Coconut Slice says it’s made with real fruit and provides a great energy boost, but let’s see what it’s really packed with.

CR Temole Avocado Chips Tomato Salsa

Temole Avocado Chips Tomato Salsa | Chewsday Review

Another review of a chippie pretending to be a vegetable! I’ve done potato chips, lentil chips, mushroom chips, corn chips and more, but so far very few have stacked up. Surely the mighty avo will conquer all and give us a worthy ‘healthy’ chip alternative? Spoiler: it doesn’t.

CR Edgell Snack Time Chickpeas

Edgell Snack Time tins | Chewsday Review

It can be so hard to find nutritious protein foods for kids who struggle with meats. Tinned or cooked beans are great replacements, but sometimes they can be a little bland. Baked beans are great, but they tend to be pretty salty. Edgell have just released a range of small cans of flavoured beans. We tried them this week and today’s Chewsday Review features Chick Peas with Zesty Vinaigrette.

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